Top 10 Embarrassing Apple Tech FAILS of 2020!

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Angelika covers Apples worse products and embarrassing choices within the last year, some of which are obvious but others not so much..
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  1. Max Tech
    Max Tech
    25 giorni fa

    Which of these surprised you? Are there any you disagree with? Let me know your thoughts!! Thank you guys for watching and supporting! Buy one of our NEW T-Shirts to help support us! ➡​ Max Tech Wallpapers ➡​ Shot with (Amazon) ➡​ Lens (B&H) ➡​ Mic (Amazon)➡​

  2. hiv rattlesnake
    hiv rattlesnake
    15 giorni fa

    There is nothing disappointing about watching and listening to Angelika

  3. noomy 663
    noomy 663
    Mese fa

    How practical and considerate theme for everyone. Even good for making a wishing list on gadgets.

  4. Marshall Alsup
    Marshall Alsup
    Mese fa

    Good video! And, nice to see a new face. Also, GO COUGS!

  5. WolfoxMaty
    2 mesi fa

    Watched loads, but somehow I find her so cute and like her voice, I could just listen to her all day “I think :D”

  6. kiran ranjitkar
    kiran ranjitkar
    2 mesi fa

    Apple earns by High Pricing otherwise how could they compete in the market with Less products.

  7. Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama
    2 mesi fa

    Angelika ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌 Good job. Keep it up.

  8. King Eli
    King Eli
    2 mesi fa

    she a dime

  9. Brent Smithline
    Brent Smithline
    2 mesi fa

    I do not use wireless charging except for my Apple Watch. I am a normal who can just plug my iPhone at night, and guess what it is fully charged in the morning when I get up. I also use the Apple 5W USB charger as I do not need it to fast charge. I do also have both 12W USB (iPad), and a 20W USB C charger if needed. To date have never found the need. If I was to purchase a new iPhone that only came with the USB C charging cable I could always purchase a USB C Female to USB Male Adapter (2 Pack) on Amazon for $ 9.99 ( on 20201023 ) to use my older Apple 5W USB charger. For the Apple iPhone I never want it to lose the connection port, and I want it to be at least USB4 full standards supported on at least the iPhone Pro products. Thing is this would open up all type of connection possibilities not just for professionals. Imagine the possibilities. Think Different

  10. MNR !
    MNR !
    3 mesi fa

    Good job Angelika! These are all indeed “Apple Fails”! 😂

  11. Fábio Lux
    Fábio Lux
    3 mesi fa

    Angélica is great as the guys. This channel is going better and better each time.

  12. Desmond Yeo
    Desmond Yeo
    3 mesi fa

    I feel without the charging brick is not considering a failure. Cause there will be other companies following this footstep. Samsung has already rumour to remove in the S series. So yeah

  13. Mole
    3 mesi fa

    You missed the ridiculous lens flare issue with the iPhone 12 series.

  14. DelpédroB
    3 mesi fa

    The worst bad apple was mafe by Zun

  15. Luis Domínguez
    Luis Domínguez
    3 mesi fa

    The guy running this channel always looking different

  16. Orkun Kaan ŞİMŞEK
    Orkun Kaan ŞİMŞEK
    3 mesi fa

    Wow I did not notice many of these through the year. I was planing to buy an M1 but changed my mind after seeing it only supports one external display which is a huge bummer for me. Thank you for letting me know.

  17. smith john
    smith john
    3 mesi fa

    Really concise video . 👍🏾ITsuns vids have been getting longer and longer . Tech reviewers been repeating themselves too much lately

  18. vitalis
    3 mesi fa

    Great video!

  19. Baymax Youtub
    Baymax Youtub
    3 mesi fa

    I am some one who don't hate Apple products but i hate apple corporation due to their policy and behaviour

  20. Bobby
    3 mesi fa

    For what its worth, the fact that the wallet slides off easily is a function of how magnets work. Pulling it off rather than sliding is pretty difficult. If you made the magnet strong enough to not slide off, it'd be next to impossible to ever remove anything magnetic causing problems for the MagSafe charger.

    1. Bobby
      3 mesi fa

      @danimayb The wallet is a dumb idea for anyone that puts their phone in their pocket. My only point is you don't solve the problem with stronger magnets. Or you solve the problem with bigger magnets only to create a new bigger problem, a MagSafe charger that's next to impossible to remove after connecting.

  21. Switch Boy
    Switch Boy
    3 mesi fa

    Wait who dis?

  22. Adler Fagerström
    Adler Fagerström
    3 mesi fa

    My favorite channel got even better. 👍

    3 mesi fa

    Ohh! You are looking amazing

  24. jericho Abejo
    jericho Abejo
    3 mesi fa

    What ipad do you recommend for gaming please. For CALL OF DUTY MOBILE? ipad mini 5 ot ipad 2020? Please recommend to me or make a best gaming ipad vid. Please and can i request for you to play battle royale?

  25. tilumu
    3 mesi fa

    Angelika, you did it so well, it was such an enjoyable video, please let us see your face more often. 🙂👍

  26. Alex Van Luven
    Alex Van Luven
    3 mesi fa

    Some of these fails seem like a bit of a reach.

  27. Will J Bailey
    Will J Bailey
    3 mesi fa

    For me, the biggest ongoing Apple fail is the spell check in Pages. It's embarrassingly, irredeemably terrible.

  28. Dani Bean
    Dani Bean
    3 mesi fa

    I’ve never had a wireless charger before. I’m disappointed that the MagSafe makes my mini heat up so much. I switched to a regular ole charger. Boo.

  29. Millennial Investor
    Millennial Investor
    3 mesi fa

    Mad respect for this channel! Keep up the great work girl. Agreed all the way

  30. Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    3 mesi fa

    I bought an m1 air base model and plugged it into my ultrawide monitor. No issues and two displays (I have the macbook open as well) and having an ultrawide means I can use it as "dual monitors" essentially giving me 3 total Windows i can have open at nearly full size

  31. Year 93
    Year 93
    3 mesi fa

    Great video, so cool to see the three of you working together, what a blessing

  32. Aeonic Phoenix
    Aeonic Phoenix
    3 mesi fa

    Awesome job, awesome video Angelika! 👍💯🥇

  33. Moses Karunia
    Moses Karunia
    3 mesi fa

    If you guys named Max, Maxdim and Maxngelica, then the channel name will make more sense. Either way, great video as usual.

  34. Mobile Tech Point
    Mobile Tech Point
    3 mesi fa

    Is she Max's daughter? 🤔 🤔

  35. iYUSHツIDO
    3 mesi fa


  36. Jay Kishan
    Jay Kishan
    3 mesi fa

    Are you german?

  37. MyReview1
    3 mesi fa

    Still don’t think big tech / the media is manipulating your thoughts, try to play the Apple stand announcement where they get booed.

  38. OnceAPunAThyme
    3 mesi fa

    For me, the biggest fail was the Max headphones, not their carry case or, for some, the battery issues but partly due to Apple marketing/how reviewers approached the headphones, as in market-leading noise cancelation and IOS-specific features are great points, but what about people new to quality headphones who place sound quality as a primary consideration. Wouldn't it be helpful to mention to them the sound quality tradeoffs between wireless/BT headphones and wired headphones, in that the former set a relatively low bar, comparatively, for sound quality. I did see some channels do follow up reviews, pointing out that, if for some reason noise canceling and IOS-features don't matter to you as much or at all, for sound quality you can do better for as low as $150 but by then, some people had gone out and shelled out their hard-earned money on... incomplete information and APPLE-is-best type hysteria marketing.

    3 mesi fa

    she is too cute !

  40. NEXT World
    NEXT World
    3 mesi fa

    Magnetic wallets are really good... you guys(people who said that fail) should learn to use a wallet...!! if you want to see the proof watch @petermckinnon's video about this wallet

  41. Charu Sawant
    Charu Sawant
    3 mesi fa

    I subscribed to the channel after seeing how apple treated the only channel which had amazingly predicted the M1 performance.

  42. aleksandarkiki
    3 mesi fa

    Too much high frequency in the voice :( Not a fan...

  43. Genaro Cejudo
    Genaro Cejudo
    3 mesi fa

    Angelika is really pretty and smart I would love so see her in more videos

  44. Deetroiter
    3 mesi fa

    They even speak the same! lol...not a bad thing, though. Great presentation and speak in a manner that keeps viewers glued

  45. Thomas Stok
    Thomas Stok
    3 mesi fa

    Your explanation about the 2 thunderbolt ports on the M1 Mac's makes no sense at all

  46. George Derugin
    George Derugin
    3 mesi fa

    No offense Max and Vadim but i think Angelika is my new fav host 😅

  47. Marklin Ho
    Marklin Ho
    3 mesi fa

    Max Tech’s sister looks gorgeous! 😍😍🔥🔥🔥 beautiful girl!

  48. Steven P
    Steven P
    3 mesi fa

    Use a dock and port numbers are a non issue. And they can connect to your server with a 1Gb connection so stop on that.

  49. mark5378
    3 mesi fa

    My mother’s name is also Angelika :)

  50. Doctor Skodt2
    Doctor Skodt2
    3 mesi fa

    I love Apple, BUT BUT BUT: THEY REFUSE TO ADMIT THEIR FAULTS! Even Steve Jobs would admit when they slipped up. Tim Cook, your "praw-duckts" should be better than you, not just overpriced, like you.

  51. Antony Stark
    Antony Stark
    3 mesi fa

    You forgot to mention the apple wheels I was waiting for the moment but it didn't come

  52. Rosscotron
    3 mesi fa

    Like IJustine but better looking

  53. Supertech USA
    Supertech USA
    3 mesi fa

    Go Angelica! Love this tech fam 🧑‍💻👩‍💻👨‍💻

  54. san.pituco
    3 mesi fa

    so cute!

  55. k ar ma
    k ar ma
    3 mesi fa

    The lying napkin logistically prepare because kidney macroscopically tickle atop a decisive date. dirty, irritating helicopter

  56. Top10Wonder
    3 mesi fa

    What is the endurance rating of macbook air ssd ?

  57. Eduardo Andrés Castillo Perera
    Eduardo Andrés Castillo Perera
    3 mesi fa

    OMG I could easily start simping over her she is just wow

  58. Terence DRÉANO
    Terence DRÉANO
    3 mesi fa

    You forgot one bad thing : the 2020 release of the update of the iPad Pro without upgrading the ship, still a A12 18 month later, that’s a pity. And one suggestion : make the same video with the tops of Apple 2020 ! Thanks for all the max tech team videos, I love them from France and helps me a lot to choose how to buy Apple and maximise my custom advantages

  59. TehMarc919
    3 mesi fa

    Cool to also see Angelika! Love this channel so much!

  60. Job Celis
    Job Celis
    3 mesi fa

    It was smart of them to put a hot girl in their videos so they can get more views.

  61. viRuS HulK
    viRuS HulK
    3 mesi fa

    keep the reviews honest like this, it will grow for sure

  62. naitkot
    3 mesi fa

    2021 year of Angelica 🎉 in this channel

  63. geek mee
    geek mee
    3 mesi fa

    I think we are all guilty of click-bait: Can you say? FAILS Which proves... Apple is human. And they must be doing what’s important right.

  64. Naman Rana
    Naman Rana
    3 mesi fa

    Their every fail is from apple,should we assume that apple is a fail company 😂😂

  65. Nagi Reddy
    Nagi Reddy
    3 mesi fa

    U said all but what is remaining saying blaaa blaaaa and all

  66. Dor Hivert
    Dor Hivert
    3 mesi fa

    "The iconic 1,000$ stand for the Mac Pro" Is actually not for a mac, but for the apple pro display. 5:50 -

  67. Omid Rostami
    Omid Rostami
    3 mesi fa

    I want see more video from Angelika talking! liked!

  68. MondoTV
    3 mesi fa

    You forgot the reports of the iphone12 constantly dropping calls when on 5G.

  69. Nic Wanavit
    Nic Wanavit
    3 mesi fa

    the wallet is good. Been using it for a while

  70. SaiyanJin85
    3 mesi fa

    Very lovable! Keep it up!

  71. Kandar Guru Durairaaj
    Kandar Guru Durairaaj
    3 mesi fa

    I would love to watch her and she speaking all time, please include her in then regular videos, she does it awesome!😍

    3 mesi fa

    Looks like angelika invested in these products this time so she is allowed to be in this video

  73. Felgon Foto
    Felgon Foto
    3 mesi fa

    Is just me getting adverts every 2 minutes?

  74. jkirk1626
    3 mesi fa

    Bad Apple? Is that a ripoff of Brian Tong?

  75. Jin Raigami
    Jin Raigami
    3 mesi fa

    Finally, our cutie Angelika becomes a host.

  76. Kraken Kayden
    Kraken Kayden
    3 mesi fa

    Lol jus blamin with no reason

  77. Antonio Martin
    Antonio Martin
    3 mesi fa

    Malayali evide aadaaa😜😎

  78. snappycattimesten
    3 mesi fa

    Congratulations Vadim on the transition.

  79. Franz Weber
    Franz Weber
    3 mesi fa

    She should work for Apple and kick Tim Cooks a... every now and then in order to improve their products

  80. Denis Lara
    Denis Lara
    3 mesi fa

    5:26 that was sooooooo obvious. People really expected it to stay on the phone?

    1. Shashank Mishra
      Shashank Mishra
      3 mesi fa❤️👍🏿

  81. King Kyle 611
    King Kyle 611
    3 mesi fa

    She knows her stuff and is chill she should make more vids on her own besides just being the third wheel

  82. Anthony Gossop
    Anthony Gossop
    3 mesi fa

    Please give us your take on the condensation build up on the AirPod Max

  83. trap jesus
    trap jesus
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  84. Mark Wuscher
    Mark Wuscher
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    Victor Pineda
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  86. Anmol khare
    Anmol khare
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  87. Blondier
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    J. D.
    3 mesi fa

    Would love to see a video comparing the macbook air 13 m1 vs mac mini m1.

  89. Abhinav Subramaniam
    Abhinav Subramaniam
    3 mesi fa

    So basically most of the products of apple of 2020 are disappointing for max tech...................

  90. nnn nnn
    nnn nnn
    3 mesi fa

    fails? nope.

  91. Sciphere
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  92. Michael b
    Michael b
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    Ashif Reza
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    Eduardo A. Álvarez
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  95. Andy Blazer
    Andy Blazer
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    John Carlo Raquiño
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    Derrick Ma
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  98. John
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  99. Leo Nugraha
    Leo Nugraha
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  100. Joy K
    Joy K
    3 mesi fa

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